In addition to a Board of Directors, the efforts of the ESI Subcommittees are aimed at meeting the ESI’s goals outlined in our Position Statement. In the early phases of our launch, we have prioritized the efforts of our Governance and Advocacy & Funding Subcommittees. As we move forward, the efforts of our other Subcommittees will begin. For ESI member organisation’s interested in participating in an ESI Subcommittee, please contact our Secretariat at

Governance of ESI Subcommittee

The Governance Subcommittee examines detailed issues of the management of ESI as an organisation. This includes following ESI’s principles of being transparent, open, inclusive, and democratic.

Africa Evidence Network
The Africa Evidence Network is a growing community of practice of nearly 3000 people across Africa committed to increasing the usefulness and use of evidence for decision-making to reduce poverty and inequality in the region.

Collaborative Approach to Meta-Analysis and Review of Animal Data from Experimental Studies
CAMARADES (Collaborative Approach to Meta-Analysis and Review of Animal Data from Experimental Studies) provides a supporting framework for groups involved in the systematic review and meta-analysis of data from experimental animal studies.

McMaster Health Forum
The Forum is committed to helping policymakers and stakeholders to: 1) learn how to make decisions based on the best available research evidence; 2) find evidence through the Forum’s own products and the best available sources of pre-appraised, synthesized research evidence (including the Forum’s Health Systems Evidence and Social Systems Evidence and the Forum-supported and citizen-targeted McMaster Optimal Aging Portal); 3) spark action through stakeholder dialogues, citizen panels and more; 4) embed supports for evidence-informed decision-making, by institutionalizing promising and proven approaches; and 5) evaluate innovations in supporting evidence-informed decision-making. The Forum undertakes some of this work independently and most of it in collaboration with its ‘sister’ organizations that are part of Evidence-Informed Policy Networks (EVIPNet) and Partners in Evidence-driven Rapid Learning in Social Systems (PERLSS).

ESI Co-Chairs

ESI Secretariat

Advocacy & Funding Subcommittee

Through the Advocacy & Funding Subcommittee, ESI advocates for political and resource support, including funding to support sustainable business models, for the shared principles and aims of ESI.

The Campbell Collaboration
The Campbell Collaboration promotes positive social and economic change through the production and use of systematic reviews and other evidence synthesis for evidence-based policy and practice.

ESI Co-Chairs

ESI Secretariat

Training & Capacity Subcommittee

The Training & Capacity Subcommittee aims to develop and enable capacity to undertake and understand different approaches to evidence synthesis for all levels of learning across all disciplines and topics.

Synthesis Methods Subcommittee

The Synthesis Methods Subcommittee aims to develop and share fit-for-purpose procedures, methods and tools to help guide, monitor and raise expectations for quality and relevance of procedures and methods for the diversity of approaches to evidence synthesis and their use.

Infrastructure, Policies, & Governance for Evidence Synthesis and Use Subcommittee

The Infrastructure, Policies, & Governance for Evidence Synthesis and Use Subcommittee focuses on developing international, national and organizational policies, infrastructures, procedures, processes and resources to enable the development of systematic approaches to evidence synthesis and use.